Our company has a high experience and knowledge in the preparation of bodily injury assessment reports, also known as VDC, to search, evaluate, classify, and report injuries, sequels, damages, pain, discomfort, or incapacities that may cause harm to a person due to an accident, medical negligence, aggression or disease.

We have highly experienced medical specialists, who are in charge of assessing, observing, measuring, and classifying the damage caused to the body by an accidental event. 

They will be in charge of assessing the health condition of people who have suffered an injury and are responsible for preparing a report to determine the time of temporary damage and permanent injuries, also for guiding the quantification of the corresponding compensation to the client and/or their relatives, as the case may be.

When we talk about bodily injury we are referring to:

  • Aesthetic loss or damage
  • Moral damage due to loss of quality of life as a result of the injuries suffered
  • Physical injuries
  • Psychological injuries
  • Disability

All these sections are quantified according to the Scale of Law 35/2015. Sometimes, the degree of limitations perceived by the client does not correspond exactly or can be classified in a particular degree according to the Scale. Our experts will explain each of these points in detail and will solve all your doubts throughout the process so that you understand perfectly all our assessments.