Scientia is an expert company in health care appraisals, medical malpractice reports, work incapacity, assessment of bodily injury, and medical reports.

Dr. Gonzalo Segrelles Calvo


  1. About us

    Scientia Peritajes is an expert company in the execution of health appraisals (medical malpractice reports, work incapacity, assessment of the extent of disability, assessment of bodily injury, and various technical reports), that offers its clients the experience of active specialists in various medical specialties and other health professionals (nursing, physiotherapy, sports science, and physical activity, among others), for the preparation of reports with a high scientific rigor that together with our experts in forensic medicine guarantee an excellent value in the content of such reports.

  2. Focus of action

    Our focus of action is to achieve excellence in the preparation of expert reports, providing the client with all the ethics, knowledge, transparency, quality, and objectivity, offered by the professionals of our company, with the added value of the experience after years of performing health appraisals and attending court proceedings for their ratification. The responsibility and preparation of our professionals and the continuous updating both in forensic medicine and in the health and expert field, allow us to carry out expert reports according to the current technical and scientific knowledge.

  3. Medical directorate

    Our Medical Directorate is led by Dr. Gonzalo Segrelles Calvo, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Doctor in Medicine from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Honorary tutor of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and specialist in Pneumology. Dr. Segrelles has extensive experience in the preparation of expert reports in various medical areas thanks to his specialization with a Master's Degree in Forensic Medicine, a Master's Degree in Bioethics, Quality, and Patient Safety, and as a University Expert in Assessment of Bodily Injury and Assessment of Work Incapacity. The Medical Directorate of Scientia Peritajes, puts at your disposal the experience of Dr. Segrelles, providing a differential value thanks to his more than 1000 reports made in the last 12 years, among which we can mention: Medical malpractice reports of all medical and surgical specialties Reports of assessment of bodily injury, reports of challenges to the discharge Permanent disability and major disability assessment reports Disability assessment reports Technical reports, attendance on more than 250 occasions to court for ratification of such reports.

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